Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Claim Your Daily Yoiul Gifts in EVE Online!

Starting today, December 14, the Yoiul Festival is live in EVE Online. to celebrate the season and the coming of YC119. (Also noted on the Updates page)

There will be a new gift to redeem in game every day for twelve days.  Today’s gift, the first on the list, is a set of four frigate SKINs, one for each of the empires, covering the Amarr Punisher, the Caldri Kestrel, the Gallente Incursus, and the Minmatar Rifter.

Yoiul Festival SKINs

Yoiul Festival SKINs

I was happy with that, but I am a fan of SKINs.

A key part of this is that you must log in every day to claim that day’s gift.  As noted by CCP:

Each gift will be present for 24 hours, until 23:59:59 UTC, when it will be replaced by the next gift. Be sure to log in and claim your gifts from your redeeming system to avoid missing out!

If you don’t log in, you don’t get your gift.

Remember that the days are counted from UTC and not your local time.  Being on the west coast of the US, I was able to claim the first day’s gift at 16:00 local time on the 13th, which is when the date changes in New Eden.

Also, there have been some issues reported with redeeming gifts, to which CCP has responded.  I could not find the first one I redeemed in my inventory, but after I had logged out and back in again it appeared.

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